If you could change the world, would you?
Immutable civic solutions can bring truth, transparency and accountability to realign current incentive
structures. We have the tools to improve, do we have the will?

“The swarm is headed towards us”
– Satoshi Nakamoto

$ 64,258.22
$ 64,258.22

Custom Simple Solutions for Everyone

Donating and sharing with individuals worldwide often proves to be a challenging process. It entails registration, KYC compliance, credit card verification, and the uncertainty of money reaching its intended destination. Issues like fees, interest, fraud, mismanagement, and potential delays further exacerbate concerns regarding personal information security.

We welcome educators, developers, and entrepreneurs committed to empowering the majority. Our mission promotes code freedom and censorship-resistant money, with Bitcoin being the preferred method for efficient value transfer.

Bitcoin Technical Whitepaper


Give A Bit - Mission

To offer transparent verification, accountability in giving. Education and support to make everyone comfortable. The crimes of the past monetary system will no longer be the downfall of the peoples’ confidence to give value. Bitcoin, fixes this.

The four “E‘s”. Each description may vary intensity or interpretation but all of them will resonate. By using #Bitcoin, you are achieving all of them without violance.


Keep your eyes on your contribution, completely!

Start or find a project, send a donation, watch the whole process from start to finish. Thanks Bitcoin!

We are seeking help, posting more details soon.

Any interst in working with a start up in the #Bitcoin space that has a primary goal to help? Please, get in touch with suggestions if you notice some need for improvement. There are no bad ideas!

We will be posting a request for some positions in the near future, on our contact page, you can send us a message if you like.

Offering personal commitment and unwavering concentration to further the mission of #Bitcoin Beach and analogous initiatives globally, aiming to facilitate the exchange of expertise, legal support, skills, technological advancements, and aid. Emphasizing unity, let us transcend the barriers of segregated information, embracing a collective effort to cultivate an all-encompassing and accessible financial landscape for the future.


With so much discussion around Bitcoin and its energy use, we thought it maybe helpful for people to get up to speed. Watch a few videos from the original Sherpa, Andreas M. Antonopoulos.